What will we do together?

We will try to find:

  • Solutions to the problems you face in your life;
  • Causes anxiety that disturbs work pace and peace of mind;
  • Solving internal conflicts that keep your energy inside;
  • Horses for self-knowledge and awareness-raising;
  • Increasing behavioral authenticity and value alignment;
  • Focusing attention and mobilizing energy to achieve your goal.

You will be able to answer questions such as:

  • What qualities do I have?
  • How do I value my qualities?
  • What can I do for others?
  • What defines me?
  • What makes me unique?
  • What do my resources invest in: time, energy, money?
  • How do I do this in an effective way to achieve my goals?

I am happy to guide you on the path I’ve been through. However, your journey will be different. Because
it’s YOUR JOURNEY, the way you express your unique PERSONALITY in the world.
I am Cristina Eremia and I look forward to working together along the transformation process to become
who you really are.
You can schedule a session by calling (+44)7466 809 492, sending an email to cristina@transformationart.net
or completing the online form.