Discover who you really are!

Everyone should look for their real life’s purpose and live it without boundaries, no matter the age or personal background.
Just like you, I’ve started with many obstacles both in my personal and professional life and each time I
faced them fearlessly, considering them learning experiences.
More than a Life and Career coach, you will find a friend who carefully listens and works with you to
achieve your career, relationship or any type of goals you have set. 

Whether you are:

  • A young professional seeking for a career aligned with yourself;
  • An experienced leader looking to develop your team;
  • A relationship and family oriented person;
    …this place is for you! Find your enthusiasm, follow your passion and always do what you love most!

By working together, you will be able to clarify your vision and professional direction, set long-term goals
and make a career plan, overcome internal and external obstacles, make decisions based on your inner
values, develop strategies to achieve your goals, understand and know yourself better to fulfill your
potential and live a successful life.

Since I started my coaching career, I have had the opportunity to support many professionals in the
development of their career and their life as a whole: managers, entrepreneurs, as well as students
involved in the European project "Be prepared for your career!"
I have a great sense of accomplishment when my clients achieve their goals and manage to bring more
satisfaction, balance and depth into their lives. Within the Coaching Support Group Bucharest I have a
role that allows me to support the development of the coaching community and to raise awareness
about this profession.

I am happy to guide you on the path I’ve been through. However, your journey will be different. Because
it’s YOUR JOURNEY, the way you express your unique PERSONALITY in the world.
I am Cristina Eremia and I look forward to working together along the transformation process to become
who you really are.
You can schedule a session by calling (+44)7466 809 492, sending an email to
or completing the online form.