Are you tired of always being the one who is fighting?
Do you want to put your armor down and find your sensitivity?
Looking for a life partner, but you have not found it yet?
Do you have a career, a family, a success, and still feel a goal?
Do you feel lost and want to find yourself?

How am I in my uniqueness?
What is archetype? How does it influence me?
What “gods and goddesses” are expressed through my behavior and attitudes?
What would be the ideal partner for me?
What social roles do I find?
Which aspects can optimize for the success of my relationships
personal and professional?

Our current life would be much more fulfilled if we knew the types of primordial energies that we expressed through us and if we knew how to work with them, in order to better adapt ourselves to the social roles and situations we were in and to solve certain existential problems.

By participating in this workshop you will be able to:

  • You are appropriately positioned in social and intimate relationships;
  • Find inspiration in strong human models;
  • You honor the function of the basic archetype and find out what you have to do to achieve balance in manifesting your identity;
  • Integrate aspects of the shadow that sabotage you from within;
  • Find out your personal myth and rewrite your life story;
  • Optimize and enrich your self-image;
  • You adapt more effectively to the role and context you are in.

The workshop is based on the discovery of archetypal models by Antonia Wolf, the disciple and study partner of C. G. Jung, and deepened by Jane Shinoda Bolen, the famous Jungian psychiatrist and analyst.

The workshop will use projective and creative techniques, working with the symbol, guided imagination, relaxation techniques and art therapy, story telling and story writing.

You will go with new meanings, methods of self-development and various creations of your soul and your hands.

You will experience a transforming and healing experience.
The workshop will continue with a personal development program for those who want to advance on their way to the Self.

I am happy to guide you on the path I’ve been through. However, your journey will be different. Because
it’s YOUR JOURNEY, the way you express your unique PERSONALITY in the world.
I am Cristina Eremia and I look forward to working together along the transformation process to become
who you really are.
You can schedule a session by calling (+44)7466 809 492, sending an email to
or completing the online form.