Do you often fail to meet your personal needs to please others?

Do you want to respect, cherish, and truly love you, how do you feel you deserve?

If you want to know more about love and self-esteem, I invite you to a workshop of self-exploration, interconnection and self-love, where we will make practical exercises from Gestalt, NLP and therapy to find out:

1. What is self-love;

2. How to express self-love;

3. Understanding and fulfilling your personal needs;

4. Quality of connection with yourself and others;

5. Cycle of contact and healthy relationship;

6. Defining borders and personal space;

7. Understand the parental patterns that condition you;

8. Relationships of nourishing love, not constraining.

I am happy to guide you on the path I’ve been through. However, your journey will be different. Because
it’s YOUR JOURNEY, the way you express your unique PERSONALITY in the world.
I am Cristina Eremia and I look forward to working together along the transformation process to become
who you really are.
You can schedule a session by calling (+44)7466 809 492, sending an email to
or completing the online form.