“To be part of a team or group that offers security, acceptance and a sense of belonging 

is a fundamental necessity for most people.” H. James Harrington

I work in teams, with teams, in team development processes for over 14 years. With every experience, I have understood and changed something in the way I report to others and myself. Here you can learn something from what I have experienced during two years of team coaching training, alongside an outstanding consultant, coach and leader who helped us know, crystallize our goals and way work and gave us a firm, gentle and balanced leadership model that leads the team knowingly to outstanding results.
The steps of the team building process are:

It is important to find the right people, both from the perspective of the individual role and the compatibility of team work styles. That’s why personality questionnaires can be very useful for objective goals.

Even if each has a job description, teamwork can mean specific roles within the team and a certain kind of shared responsibility with others. It matters that they are discussed in a team, they are recognized and assumed by all.

Many conflicts in team operation arise due to violation of the boundaries of individual roles. Make a meeting (at least) where everyone says what they can offer to others and what they want from them, how much support and how to be offered, what is welcome and what is hard to tolerate as attitude and behavior, valuable and rarely practiced intervention, which I invite you to test as soon as possible.

Knowing what we really appreciate and motivates each one and what are the values ​​we all adhere to is another source of interconnection that builds the indispensable emotional decks. It’s a welcome exercise, which increases self-esteem and inter-knowledge, alignment and teamwork.

Let us define clearly the “guiding star”, the common goal that animates us and gives us the horizon towards which we aim, inspire and guide the common efforts in the same direction. There are people who can not be efficient without an overview and vision to guide their endeavor.

An important milestone is the clear and behavioral definition of the goals we want to achieve as a team, which are the individual, group benefits and impact on the entire company. Clarifying the level of commitment and assumption, verbalizing and discussing reservations, doubts, risk management strategies is appropriate to be part of this process.

In order to have clarity of messages and interaction, joint formulation of a set of rules greatly aids the fluidity and speed of team processes and actions.

I am happy to remember “Monday meeting”, one of the weekly actions in which we are relaxed about our achievements, the strategy changes, the difficulties in the work. Within one of the companies I worked in. “Friday evening” was a monthly informal meeting to relax, discover beyond the role, and connect in an open, informal, open-minded setting. “Thank you” notes another ritual to express our gratitude to a colleague who supported us in accomplishing a task. It is welcome that each team outlines such rituals that give stability, rhythm and development framework.

Let us know our individual life stories and discover “team stories” – those significant moments, loaded with emotion and sense that build the identity of the team and the sense of belonging. They give “color” and increase the sense of intimacy and community.

Moments of recognizing positive attitudes, as well as celebrating success, increase the energy of the team and increase the motivation of team members and are indispensable for high-level operations.
Synergy is an effect of effective team building and maturity. As more of the above practices are achieved, the faster the team’s smooth operation is achieved, effective and efficient in its way of working and interacting with the manager and customers

I am happy to guide you on the path I’ve been through. However, your journey will be different. Because
it’s YOUR JOURNEY, the way you express your unique PERSONALITY in the world.
I am Cristina Eremia and I look forward to working together along the transformation process to become
who you really are.
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