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A place for self transformation

Every now and then, finding some “me time” shifts from luxury to necessity.

Transformation Art is an oasis where you can unwind and relax, transforming your challenges into life opportunities.

No matter who you are: 

  • a successful or aspiring leader, 
  • a young professional, 
  • an independent or a dedicated family person – this is for you.

Leave anything you don’t identify yourself with behind and let us work together through this Transformation process. 

Along the way, you will be guided with empathy and care, so you can find the clarity you have been searching for.

Why should you choose us:

You want to evolve in your career or are you still looking for your vocation.

You want to grow healthy relationships or are you still trying to solve internal and external conflicts.

I am Cristina Eremia and together with my team will help you find the answers to your questions through the Transformation Art.

Here, you will find:

A licensed and professional Life & Career Coach

Mainly qualified in NLP coaching, Organizational Gestalt and Team Coaching, collaborating with Noble Manhattan Coaching as a Mentor and Trainer Coach, I feel privileged to share my knowledge with others. 

20 years of experience in the field

As a Psychology and Educational Sciences graduate, I’ve been working with many reputable organizations and gaining a wide experience in the field throughout the years.

Multilingual support and guidance

“Think globally, act locally”. Based on this principle and combining the passion about foreign languages with the one to help others, I offer support in 5 languages: Romanian, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

A wide range of solutions and tools from various categories

Starting with NLP and career coaching, all the way to Art Therapy and Send Play solutions, it’s important to have a specific tool in a specific situation and for a specific individual.

A reliable listener, adviser and friend

During the Transformation process, you will not only find a professional coach but also a trusted listener, adviser and friend that is here for you every step of the way.

Cristina Eremia – Career & Team Coach, Trainer

Cristina Eremia is a Career Coach with basic training in NLP Coaching and Organizational Gestalt , Team Coaching. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in 2003. 

She collaborates with Noble Manhattan Coaching as coach mentor and coaches’ trainer. She has over 17 years experience in human resources consultancy in multinational companies, coordinating processes of organizational development, training, evaluation, recruitment, talent management and interacting with clients from various industries: FMCG, Telecom, Pharma, Oil & Gas, IT, Banking & Finance. Life and Organizational Coaching since 2008, focusing on career development, managing team’s efficiency and relationship improvement.

The Transformation Workshops

Learn about valuable tools in order to build your own success!

Allow yourself to overcome your challenges, identify your true potential, and grow! 

When creating the Transformation Workshops, I have combined different types of coaching and therapy solutions with care and attention to detail towards all the participants.

You can choose from a wide variety of tools presented during the course and use the ones that actually work for you!

Here are the main workshops that Transformation Art has handcrafted for you:

Workshop - Behavior Archetypes

Workshop – Behavior Archetypes

The workshop will use projective and creative techniques, working with the symbol, guided imagination, relaxation techniques and art therapy, story telling and story writing. You will go with new meanings, methods of self-development and various creations of your soul and your hands. You will experience a transforming and healing experience.

The workshop will continue with a personal development program for those who want to advance on their way to the Self.

Workshop - Self-Love

Workshop – Self-Love

Do you often fail to meet your personal needs to please others?

Do you want to respect, cherish, and truly love you, how do you feel you deserve?

If you want to know more about love and self-esteem, I invite you to a workshop of self-exploration, interconnection and self-love, in which we will make practical exercises from Gestalt, NLP and therapy to find out: what is self-love, how to express self-love, understanding and fulfilling your personal needs and much more… 

Workshop - Team Building

Workshop – Team Building

“To be part of a team or group that offers security, acceptance and a sense of belonging is a fundamental necessity for most people.” H. James Harrington

I work in teams, with teams, in team development processes for over 14 years. With every experience, I have understood and changed something in the way I report to others and myself. Here you can learn something from what I have experienced during two years of team coaching and training, alongside an outstanding consultant, coach and leader who helped us know, crystallize our goals and way work and gave us a firm, gentle and balanced leadership model that leads the team knowingly to outstanding results.


What are the customers saying about Transformation Art?

Most of the times, results are not only measured in figures but in words, too.

Here are just a few successful and inspiring examples of people that worked with me.

Discover what they felt, experienced and achieved with the help of Transformation Art:

“What a real help means? Support with no judgment, no critics or labels on what you do right and wrong. A
pure, sincere desire of a completely open person who offers you her genuine guidance for you to find
solutions, resources, answers, to restore the connections with your core. By accepting such support I feel
responsible to take the next step, to make work the inner resources that we all have in abundance. This
happened to me with Cristina first time in April 2010 during a workshop on self discovery. Since then we
worked together on understanding my dreams, how to effectively change situations and attitude for good.
Transformations occured at deep levels as well, when I completely accepted her support. My sessions with
Cristina helped me to raise my self-awareness of what I want and need: plan actions, solve issues. Change for
good. Thank you, Cristina, for coaching me! You empower me to take decisions and steps for better and keep my
balance. It works wonderfully for me what you do. Wish you do such great job with many other people!”

Stanimira Georgieva – Head of HR, Vice President Human Resources Division, UniCredit Consumer Financing

I know Cristina as an active figure on the coaching scene and she is always open and generous in sharing her
knowledge and expertise with others.
What I particularly value about what she brings in a coaching session and her coaching style is her warm
personality, her intuition, her genuine interest and willingness to guide and support, as well as the ability to
connect coaching with complementary tools that can drive you from where you are to where you want to be.
Alina Goanta – Organizational Development Manager, Caroli Foods

“First time I met Cristina Eremia at a workshop regarding career choice, and in a moment I felt that she is able
to support me in finding an answer to one of my concerns.
During the coaching session we had, Cristina was very present with me, supporting me in over passing
thedifficulty I had. She had the great capacity to make me feel comfortable in order to open up and tell to her
what I considered a real burden on my mind.
Along the months which followed that coaching conversation, I met her in different moments, and every time
I had the feeling of a wonderful partnership that will last through time.Cristina will impress anyone with her
nurturing and careful approach towards people and their needs. When sitting next to her you will certainly
have a sense of serenity, calm, increased quality of life and wonderful support in your process.
Working with Cristina it is like receiving a special prize that you would never had though you deserve, and
eagerly wait for the next session to open the surprise from inside.
Personally, I believe in her wonderful coaching approach and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is
in a professional or personal search.”

Camelia Buligoanea, HR Manager at Blom Bank France Paris, Romania Branch

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Discover the science of inner transformation and indulge yourself in the Transformation Art!
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