I greatly enjoyed working with Cristina. I found her to be a real team player and able to put the good of the group ahead of personal goals.
Gabriel Chitu
Head of Global Partner Program at Ascendis
I know Cristina as an active figure on the coaching scene and she is always open and generous in sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. What I particularly value about what she brings in a coaching session and her coaching style is her warm personality, her intuition, her genuine interest and willingness to guide and support people, as well as the ability to connect coaching with complementary tools that can drive you from where you are to where you want to be.
Alina Goanță
Senior Consultant Learning & Development at Lidl România
I have the privilege and pleasure to know and work together with Cristina Eremia, an outstanding professional and master of NLP techniques. By presence, technique and style, she succeeds to offer that deep inside balance so necessary to be successful for anyone who choose the coaching journey with her. Her coaching challenges me, enlightens me and gives me the confidence to achieve my dream.Wise people say that I would commit the” The Desert Sin” if walking through the desert and finding a life-giving oasis I would keep this secret only for me. Because I don’t want to commit “The Desert Sin”, I recommend Cristina as a coaching oasis for all those travelers who are seeking the hope, freshness, balance and fulfillment of their great dreams.
Iulian Luca
Accredited Professional Executive & Corporate Coach
Cristina Eremia is a great coach because she helped me to have clear objectives and to stay focused on the actions in order to reach success. We’ve been working together from the beginning of 2012 and, as a result of our coaching sessions together, I managed to bring balance between personal and professional life and to get the job of my dreams. The way how she communicates is unique, so friendly and warm, her patience is endless, her attention is totally oriented on the client. She has a lot of skills that activate the best in the coaching relationship, enabling me to reach a point of happiness with myself and the people around. Cristina is one of the best people I’ve met in my life and I strongly recommend her as career coach.
Valentin Sava
IT Project Manager & Certified Scrum Master
First time I met Cristina Eremia at a workshop regarding career choice, and in a moment I felt that she is able to support me in finding an answer to one of my concerns. During the coaching session we had, Cristina was Present with me, supporting me in overpassing the difficulty I had. She had the great capacity to make me feel confortable, in order to talk to her what I considerd a real burden on my mind. Along the months which followed that conversation I met her in different moments, and every time I had the feeling of a wonderful partnership that will last during time. Cristina will impress anyone by her nurturing and carreful approach towards people and their needs. When sitting next to her you will certainly have a sense of serenity, calming, supporting, increased quality of life and wonderful support in your coaching. Working with Cristinat is like receiving a special prize that you would never had thought you deserve, and eagerly wait for the next session to open the surprise from inside. I believe in her coaching approach and I would highly reccomend her to anyone who has a career issue to work on.
Camelia Buligoanea
HR Manager, reporting to the Country Management at Blom Bank France Paris
In the most challenging times of setting up a new operation Cristina was there with a smile, positive energy, valid presence in front of the client and willing to do the job. From my seven year experience in Romania and dozens of coworkers Cristina clearly stands out. I strongly recommend her for positions of her speciality.
Artemios Miropoulos
Developing Leaders Worldwide - Managing Partner Linkage Greece - Author, Speaker
“What a real help means? Support with no judgment, no critics or labels on what you do right and wrong. A pure, sincere desire of a completely open person who offers you her genuine guidance for you to find solutions, resources, answers, to restore the connections with your core. By accepting such support I feel responsible to take the next step, to make work the inner resources that we all have in abundance. This happened to me with Cristina first time in April 2010 during a workshop on self discovery. Since then we worked together on understanding my dreams, how to effectively change situations and attitude for good. Transformations occurred at deep levels as well, when I completely accepted her support. My sessions with Cristina helped me to raise my self-awareness of what I want and need: plan actions, solve issues. Change for good. Thank you, Cristina, for coaching me! You empower me to take decisions and steps for better and keep my balance. It works wonderfully for me what you do. Wish you do such great job with many other people!”
Tania Stanimira Georgieva
Master Chocolatier at Stanimira Chocolate House
“Being successful in business can be akin to standing on the highest mountains whilst walked in the darkest of valleys; in ways success is its own enigma. Having a business coach to turn too to help me maintain the balance between my work and living has been an asset and Christina has played a part in the increased performance of the business. I enjoy working with her and can more easily focus on the growth and success of my work without loosing perspective. Cristina has a wonderful gift. Her professional skills are beautifully polished with her natural warmth and compassion. I would highly recommend her"
Andrew Flower
Slightly Crazy, personal development specialist
I would strongly recommend Cristina for her work as a Mentor Coach. In working with her, I witnessed how important it was her being present for me and conscious of what is going on at the moment. I felt how great this is and how valuable I can be in doing this same thing for other people. I was expecting the sessions with enthusiasm and joy because in each one of them I had her clearly stating what she had noticed, heard, felt, thus I found for myself different areas for improvement. She was up to the point, showing support and enjoying my progress. After each session I was doing my best to implement in practice what I had realized as possibilities for improvement and I got immediately better results. I thank Cristina for being there for me and supporting me in my professional development and my own soul’s journey.
Zornitsa (Зорница Стефанова) Stefanova
Life Coaching · Career Development Coaching · Executive Coaching · Leadership Development
What I admire about Cristina is the impressive manner in which she manages to constantly grow and develop on all possible levels. She is never afraid to experiment, because learning new things and assimilating new experiences is incredibly valuable to her. Cristina’s attention to details is astonishing – there is nothing that goes past her. She literally is an encyclopaedia, because she knows everything about her area of expertise, both locally and internationally. Cristina is also a very gentle and caring person, a well organized professional, with clear goals and a very disciplined way of doing things.
Lilia Dicu
MCC | Daring Executive Coach at Lilia Dicu
I submit my recommendation for Cristina , as mentor coach after a series of valuable mentoring session with her. She was able to change my perspective and help me see me different facets of human behaviors and attitudes . It looked like a serious challenge for me and my approach on coaching, but after each debrief, with valid learning points, I consider it as effective time spent on my endeavor on the coaching path. Looking back, I am really prepared now to offer more space and be more confident in the coachee abilities to find his own route to the objective, and I would like thank Cristina for that!
Dan Mintici
Experienced Sales Manager
Cristina Eremia is a complete soul guide and coach. She has both the necessary life experience, the knowledge and the creativity to help you find solutions in case of any difficulty you may have. After every encounter with her I felt stronger, she helped me to discover hidden resources and see things from a new perspective. I thank and recommend her work to all who want a better life, one that we all deserve.
Georgiana Codrescu
Life Coach at Land of Oz. Centru de Re:Creație
Cristina meets rare human qualities combined together, so necessary for a coach: empathy, large perspective, clarity and good expression. I appreciate her ability to deeply empathize with people, doubled of a vast in-depth knowledge of human psychology. I have always found in her a soul support and a way to become aware of how my mind works. It helped me learn the calibration of the two, harmonizing and finding the inner balance, in order to achive my life's goals.
Carla Szabo
During coaching in 2005 with Cristina Eremia I found an ally, someone who truly believes in me, sees my best parts and discovers in me qualities which I haven't been aware of. It's amazing how devoted she can be to the purpose of me living at the peak of my capabilities. Interactions with her are energizing, some of her challenges are unforgettable and really shaking my old beliefs, routines and resistances. Work was much easier after our encounters. In each coaching session with Cristina I discovered something new and valuable about me, with practical uses in my everyday journey. During this process I have found keys to my personal power, which I can manifest more and more in my private and professional life. I recommend Cristina with both my heart and mind to anyone who wants to go deep in a process of self-exploring, transformation, improvement of one's life quality, and professional achievements.
Luciana Dodu
Copywriter at Imagine Communication
Cristina's coaching style is very flexible and adapted to client needs. She proves to be very knowledgeable in using different coaching styles. I made us of NLP coaching as Cristina's client and I am very satisfied with the results. At the end of each session I leave with a different state of mind that is more calm, self confident, I have a clear action in mind or clear vision of what was the change I worked on and what is its impact on me.
Mihaela Stancu
Program Manager; Senior Accredited Coach
Cristina Eremia is a great mentor coach. She supported and guided me throughout this process. In my sessions I learned many things from Cristina, which are very important for me in order to be a good coach. I learned about: the importance of the voice and how to use my voice to use visioning to increase energy of the client and in definition of goal I understand the process and utility of introducing NLP tools to pay attention to the VHF type to increase awareness during the session to use metaphors and their power connection between the experience of visioning and reality how to deal well with emotional processes. Everything I learned it is very useful and apply into coaching. I am grateful to Cristina for the support given to me.
Gabriela Chiriac
Coach for life and business
I am happy to recommend Cristina as during my training with Noble Manhattan she was the one who carefully guided my activity as Mentor Coach. I highly appreciate her kindness, flexibility, the gentle way she provides feedback, and also her coaching skills. I learnt a lot from Cristina and I recommend her both as Mentor Coach for anybody who wants to study coaching, and as Life Coach for whoever needs professional coaching services.
Gabriela (Grigori) Rosu
Customer Success Manager at Learning Architect
I have known Cristina for many years and she is one of the best coaches I have met and an exceptional professionist. She has huge experience in working with people, cross-environments and cross-industries. I highly value Cristina's insights and her outstanding perpectives in terms of people relationships, employee evaluation, personal & professional development, organizational and academic training and coaching. Above all her professional qualities and achievements, the thing that I admire the most in Cristina is her amazing ability to inspire people to open to her with their challenges, whom then she guides towards solving, with both intelligence and care. Cristina's understanding presence, honesty and hard work are known both in her capacity within the NM Coaching School as well as in the Learning & Development communities. I highly recommend her as an expert coach, trainer, business partner and mentor who can guide you to achievement and success.
Lorena Furtuna
Senior HR Manager at Oracle
I've had the pleasure of working with Cristina in a Team Coach Certification Program and then observe and team with her on assignments with the Romanian School System. Cristina is smart, prepared, organic and flexible in her facilitation and coaching. She has a great grasp of the Action Reflection Learning principles, concepts and tools that give her clients the competence and confidence they need to be their best.
Ernie Turner
President at LIM (Leadership in Motion)
I wanted life coaching because I had completed a part time master’s degree whilst working a full-time job and I was struggling to find the next steps to move forward with my life. After working so hard for three years I had neglected other important areas of my life and this led to feeling isolated, demotivated, and exhausted mentally and physically. I was lacking the inspiration to do anything. Cristina helped me recognise my needs, and values through goal setting exercises and helped me to regain my confidence and energy levels back. She has supported me in developing; new social circles, new ways of expressing myself, learning how to set boundaries, and gaining clarity on my next steps. I am now; making preparations to give talks to schools, practicing communication skills with a public-speaking group, improving my relationships, and creating new friendships, and writing more often. I now have a more meaningful life and I feel much happier in myself. Without her valuable support I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do all these things.
Emma Enston
School Careers Speaker
I reached out to Cristina for guidance in regards to my professional development as I was feeling insecure and unclear about my next career move. Cristina was of tremendous help in making me understand where do I really stand today in terms of development, skills and achievements and what should I do next to achieve my goals and to maximize the way I use my potential. She has a very practical approach and this was essential to me in pinpointing where do I need to improve, through which means and what would be the impact of those actions. I truly appreciate Cristina for being so gentle in providing feedback, for adapting easily to my needs as a client and for giving me strength and inspiration through hard times. Thanks a lot, Cristina!
Oana Cobâlă
HP Store Program Manager at HP
I’ve worked with Cristina for 12 years and have never been disappointed. When I first met her, she impressed me with her perfect blend of intuitiveness and empathy; understanding my needs and approached them with a perfect balance of professionalism, experience and knowledge. Over the years she has been there to handle some of my most testing problems and has never let me down; she has taken on client work for me and with impressive feedback, been an executive coach to me during a period that saw my income quadruple, and I regularly bring her onboard as a mentor too. I see her as a long-term asset to my professional and personal life. Over the years I have got to understand the depth of her experience both in HR & Organisational Development and as a Master Coach. What sets her apart is that her professionalism is grounded with authenticity, solid qualifications, as well as decades of experience.
Andrew Flower
Slightly Crazy, personal development specialist